Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Clamp Ammeter Omnipotent Pocket Mini Capacitor Backlight Instrument VC6018

mastech ms6812, vc9808 digital multimeter


Clamp 30. Etcr2100e+. Black: 210 x 75 x 35mm. Et-6056a. Ac/dc 40a/400a/1000a195x64x30 (lx wx h). 39k. Flashlight: 84 d. Common transistor. Size: : Net weight: : Lcd+6000 counts. Operation manual. -10 c to 50 c at 85% max. rh. Auto led. Dc/ac 6v/60v/600v. 6.6uf/66uf/660?f/6.6mf/66mf+-(4.0%+3). Ac 0-600v. 

Clamp Ammeter Ac

750v +-1.0%. Barry century. Solidering clamp. 100nf 1000nf-10mf. 0-100uf+/-(1.0% +3). Current ac dc clamp. Lcd i2. Professional clamp meters. Wholesale electrical instrument & meters. - 25c~45c. Led track 3 phase. 200mv/2v/20v/200v. 0-40 degree c. 40a/400a/600a. Digital clamp meter. 

Amper Clamp Meter

Wholesale pg9. Sample rate: 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/1mhz/10mhz. 400mv,4v/40v/400v/600v. Ac/dc 750v/1000vVoltmeter ammeter 250. 2khz +/-(2.0%+5). Insulation: Ac voltage: 0 ~ 400v (true rms) dc voltage: 0 ~ 400. 200-20m1.2kg. 2500v megger. Acm22a / ms2108a. 1000uf. 1.5 clamp. Clamp meter x 1 set of test leads x 1 carry bag x 1. 2 x 1.5v aaa batteries(not included). E-bike 72v. 

Voltage Adjustable With Voltmeter

250mmx99mmx43mm. Giftbox. 286*105*45mm. High power testing. G119782. Fluke ac current clamp. 225*77*44mm. Ac 40a/600a. 0.46kg. 600a ac/200  microamp dc. 1 to 2000ohm,+/-(1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). Wholesale kacasesi. Thermometer stem. 

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